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JUN 2018    
CAPT Whitaker (USNVR) relinquished responsibility as the commanding officer for the 9th Regional Command to COL Mung Tran (USAVR) during a Change of Command Ceremony held Jun. 23, 2018 at the NHQ C & S Meeting, Long Beach, California.


CAPT Whitaker took a new appointment as the PAO for National Command, effective June 1st, 2018.

GySgt Rivero (USMCVR) was promoted to 1st Sergeant (E8), and transferred
to 9th Regional Command as Command Sergeant Major (acting) for COL Mung Tran.
Shown in right photo, 1st Sergeant Rivero was pinned by Mrs Rivero
and SgtMaj Otto, Commandant of CSM Jesse A. Ramil NCO Academy.

The US Volunteers of 9th Regional Command participated in the training outside the C & S Meeting Hall.
Notes: The three members in civilian, were newly recruited by MAJ Tang In, 91st BCT Commander.

Augustine (Gus) Granados, US NAVY
Date: 02 JUN 18
Time: 0900 Hr (Church Service)
Time: 1030 Hr (Grave Site Service)

CSM Granados (left) and CSM Medrano (right)
stand guard at the funeral during church service.
The Officers and NCOs
in charge of the MFH ceremony
Left to right: CSM Aguilar, COL Mung Tran, COL Hoa Lam, and CSM Medrano

MAY 2018 Promotions and duty changes...  
The National HQ Commander and Staff and visiting US Volunteers celebrated the promotions and duty changes of BG Hoang and COL Mean ...then the Staff Briefings continued with Chaplain (COL) Hornsby, Chief of Staff, USV-JSC Chaplain Corps; CAPT Contreras, J8/Comptroller and CSM Aguilar, National HQ Command Sergeant Major.

The 10th Regional Command's 101st BCT Commanded by Brig Gen Tran was extremely active this past month in the Seattle, WA, area. The Command hosted a day with the Homeless of Seattle, Memorial Day at Tahoma National Cemetery, its annual Command Celebration and other events in the Vietnamese-American Community.

LTG Baumann's visit to the 4th Regional Command
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The 4th Regional Command and the 42d BCT in ACTION!

The Oath Ceremony for SGT Le Hang, SGT Noella Vu,
WO Cuong Truong, Mrs. Chi Vu, and Mr. Henry Hoang


The presentation of Order of Assignments conducted
by MAJ Hai Pham, Chief of Staff

Fund Raising Event for the Minority People
in Central Highland, Vietnam


  National HQ was visited by Lt Col Korte, G1, 10th Regional Command and MAJ Ridge, S1, 101st BCT during the National Command Commanders' & Staff Meeting 14 April 2018. Both are key US Volunteers on the Task Force: COMMANDER' CONFERENCE 2018 serving as Chief of Staff and G4 respectively. Along with other members of the Task Force, they performed a Site Recon Visit.
MAJ Ridge (L))
Lt Col Korte (R)
APR 2018 DRILL and COMMAND PRACTICE - 4th Regional Command  




21MAR18 MG Michael Harris' Funeral  
Military Funeral Honors conducted by the 91st BCT, 9th Regional Command for Major General Michael Harris at Riverside National Cemetery Riverside, CA, March 21, 2018

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17FEB18 SGT Rodriquez-Hernandez, herself severely disabled and...  

SGT Rodriquez-Hernandez
Following the monthly Staff Meeting led by Colonel Robert Quesada, G3 Section, Operations & Training, SOECOM, Saturday, 17 February 2018, the Staff members adjourned to the Si Senor Mexican Restaurant, Las Cruces, New Mexico, to socialize before returning to their homes.  A lady with three children came rushing into the restaurant, obviously frightened, went directly to the table where the US Volunteers were seated and with her children hid under the table.

She excitedly said there was an 'Active Shooter' and 'she'd heard shots fired.'

SGT Rodriquez-Hernandez, herself severely disabled and uses a Service Canine, took immediate action, called 911 and assisted in an immediate Lock Down of the restaurant. She remained on the telephone with the 911 Dispatcher until the 'all clear' was given. There were about 150 civilian customers in the restaurant. The incident occurred outside the immediate area of the restaurant and later the Las Cruces Police Department reported to the local TV News the culprit had been apprehended. The National Commander made an immediate Impact Award of the Distinguished Service Ribbon and the MG Shaw Humanitarian Service Ribbon. MG Coffey, Commanding General, SOECOM, made an immediate promotion to Staff Sergeant to SGT Rodriquez-Hernandez. SGT Rodriquez-Hernandez' bravery and quick thinking reflect great credit upon her, the G3 Section, Operations & Training, SOECOM and the United States Volunteers-Joint Services Command.
 20JAN18 MG John G. Mohler's Funeral  
MG Moher's Final Military Honors Ceremony, La Canada, CA.  All US Volunteers, take pride in the Operations Team led by CSM Aguilar.  That was AP3 in action because it involved an Active Duty US Marine Captain, a retired US Marine Senior NCO, a member of the VFW and the rest US Volunteers.
     MG John Mohler, MD, Special Advisor to the Commanding General, USV-JSC who died the morning of 13 January 2018 was recognized in a Christian Ceremony of Love:
          o  Saturday, 20 January 2018
          o  1000 hours
          o  La Canada Presbyterian Church
          o  626 Foothills Boulevard, La Canada, CA
MG John Mohler stood up the Medical Reserve Command, taught medical courses in the California University System and was delightfully engaging with each of us in the USV-JSC.  Recently he stepped down as the Commanding General of the Medical Reserve Command due to medical issues, principally spinal operations.  He began his Military Career as a US Marine and served in Korea during the Korean War.  He returned home and attended Medical School. He was OUR FRIEND and a professional we all looked up to during his time with us.  We miss him immensely.
(Posted 13JAN18)
01FEB18 Change of Command Ceremony  
  US Volunteers of the 10th Regional Command and the 101st BCT were invited to and attended the Change of Command Ceremony for the newly elected King County, WA, Sheriff.    
08-10DEC17 G3 SOECOM Training Conference, El Paso, TX  
09 DEC 17 Commanders' & Staff Meeting and Christmas Party  
DEC 2017 Promotion  
  Lt Col Korte congratulated by BG Fagan, Commanding General, 10th Regional Command an MAJ Ridge and Brig Gen Ben Tran, Commanding General, 101st BCT on her promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, USMCVR.
NOV 2017 Video: Defense News Weekly  
Youngest American killed in the Viet Nam War.  A tribute to: Pfc DAN BULLOCK.
NOV 2017 Veterans Day event

MAJ Farrant, Commanding Officer, 81st BCT, presented a brief overview of the US Volunteers-Joint Services Command as part of the program with the Guest Speaker, LTC Graham at the Denver Federal Center's Veterans Day event.
In the group photo, left to right: CMSgt (Ret) Gregory Williams, USAF; LTC Eric Graham, USA; MAJ Tiana Farrant, USAVR; SFC (Ret) James Foster, USA

OCT 2017 Commanders' Conference 2017 -Successful verified with these photos.  

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OCT 2017 SOECOM Activities  
SOECOM Unit led by BG Lowe participated in the Bakersfield, CA, area Veterans' Stand Down.  Twenty-two bicycles, 50 Survival Kits, and a host of other supplies were provided to the needy and homeless Veterans.