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  MG John G. Mohler's Funeral - 20JAN18  
MG Moher's Final Military Honors Ceremony, La Canada, CA.  All US Volunteers, take pride in the Operations Team led by CSM Aguilar.  That was AP3 in action because it involved an Active Duty US Marine Captain, a retired US Marine Senior NCO, a member of the VFW and the rest US Volunteers.


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     MG John Mohler, MD, Special Advisor to the Commanding General, USV-JSC who died the morning of 13 January 2018 was recognized in a Christian Ceremony of Love:
          o  Saturday, 20 January 2018
          o  1000 hours
          o  La Canada Presbyterian Church
          o  626 Foothills Boulevard, La Canada, CA
MG John Mohler stood up the Medical Reserve Command, taught medical courses in the California University System and was delightfully engaging with each of us in the USV-JSC.  Recently he stepped down as the Commanding General of the Medical Reserve Command due to medical issues, principally spinal operations.  He began his Military Career as a US Marine and served in Korea during the Korean War.  He returned home and attended Medical School. He was OUR FRIEND and a professional we all looked up to during his time with us.  We miss him immensely.
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Mrs Mohler

WE PRAY FOR THE MOHLER FAMILY. We remember when Dr. Mohler received his 2nd Star and his lovely wife was with him and so proud of him. The family through BG Jess Gonzales informed us that Mrs. Mohler had passed away.
Funeral Services for Mrs Mohler:
1400 Hrs, April 14, 2018
La Canada Presbyterian Church
626 Foothill Blvd, CA.