Task Force: DELTA

BG NhamDuong
Task Force:DELTA
Commanding General

LTC Hao Nguyen

Task Force:DELTA
Chief of Staff
29 MAY 2023            Task Force: DELTA Memorial Day Parade, NC

Task Force: Delta at the Memorial Day Parade, 29 May 2023, in North Carolina.
                                  Task Force: DELTA MMembers of the Task Force: DELTA
BG Nham Duong (right) and members of the Task Force: DETA
30 MAY 2022                  Task Force: DELTA Memorial Day Parade, Charlotte, NC

Task Force: DELTA Commanded by BG Nham Duong
participated in the Memorial Day Parade in Charlotte, NC.
Duty well done. We are proud of you.
17 MAY 2022                   Task Force: DELTA Conducts a Formal Promotion Ceremony


BG Nham, Commanding General, Task Force: DELTA conducts a formal promotion ceremony.
  Member of Task Force: DELTA participates in the Soldiers' Cross Ceremony.
01/24/21                   Task Force: DELTA Team Tango's Monthly Meeting
  Task Force: DELTA
TeamTango's monthly meeting, 01/24/21
12/02/20                      Team Tango Assists Local Community
Task Force: DELTA
TeamTango returns to its local community support at the Food Drice Center after the city lifts the COVID-19 restriction.
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