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4 JULY 2022      Task Force: Montagnard
The US Volunteers of Task Force: MONTAGNARD took time out to socialize and commemorate our Nation's Birthday, 4 July.
Past Events      Task Force: Montagnard
  Task Force: MONTAGNARD
US Volunteers not only performed Final Military Honors but also donated $1000 to help the surviving family members.




GRADUATES from Task Force MONTAGNARD - Military Funeral Honors AP3 Training (19 NOV 11)

25 US Volunteers have met the requirements of the training to DOD Standards.
Senior NCO Training Team: CMCPO Frank Contreras III, USNVR (left) and
CSM Ismael Aguilar, USAVR (right).

COL Thomas Eban

CPT Y Ang Hmok

CPT Hiom Ro

Veterans Day March in the High Point parade, North Carolina.  
Greensboro,NC | Nov/28,2011 (Group photo: Gen Nay (left), Chief Miller, COL Eban,  Gen Alles (right).

The meeting went very well with the Greensboro Chief of Police and his staff this morning.  They are very interested in developing a partnership that will provide them with an interpreter when they have cases in the Montagnard, Laotian, Cambodian or Vietnamese community.  They would like to develop a citizen academy, and have MTF people involved, and also want us to spread the word to young Montagnards (ages 21 - 30) about becoming a Greensboro police Officer.


BG John Alles (USAVR)
Principal Advisor
to National Commander
on American-Montagnard

BG Rong Nay (USAVR)
Principal Advisor
to National
Commander on


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