Commanding General

COL Mony Sing
Admin Officer

COL Son Ngo
Liaison Officer
Northern California

LTC Seymoor Yin

Liaison Officer
Southern California

PHEV Attendees:
Chhum Mary
Chhum Salina
Kong That
Mohler John, MD
Nguyen Mark
Ang Josiah
Chau Justin
Chhum Vath
Hor Sary
Ith Lincoln
Keo Chantha
Lee Howard
Nuon Phath
Phan Sokha
Phuiwandee Thong T.
Sea Vuthy
Som Phath
Subin Kamphon
Tea B Hoa
Thong V Sam
Yang Peter
Gonzalez Jesse
Hing Vandan
Yin Seymore
Chay Henry
Lach Sokha
Mythong Daniel
Sing Mony
Khem Chanhorm
Phorn Bunnal
Chau Henry
Chum Larry
Em Sovann
Phang Jeff
Tep Rathnac
Toum Sary
Yan Ro
Gibson Robert
Wilcher Sonny
Chou Cambo
Keo Raycyn T.
Or Hal
San Sonyda
Snun Sinun S.


USV-JSC Medical Reserve Command


Commanding General David Schirle has been reassigned to SOECOM. 
The new MRC Commander will be appointed.  Please revisit soon for update.


Environmental Health Issues:
Climate Change
Advanced level training on Climate Change
Cultural Awareness
Psychological First Aid

Terrorism: How to survive the first 90 minutes!

In an Emergency, a Strong Community
Is Your Key To Survival!
Public Health Emergency Volunteer
Network Training

In Memoriam
MG John Mohler, USAVR
MG Mohler, MD, Special Advisor to the Commanding General, USV-JSC  who dies the morning of 13 JAN 18 was... 




As a result of the 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina calamities, the United States Government decided to place a greater emphasis on disaster preparedness.  The Emergency Preparedness and Response Program (EPRP) within the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health was established to ensure that the county is prepared to prevent and mitigate the public health consequences of natural or manmade emergencies for Los Angeles County residents through threat assessment, planning, improved operational readiness, and timely response. Los Angeles County has experienced numerous natural and man-made disasters –earthquakes, fires, and civil unrest, just to name a few- that have all required a robust countywide emergency response.  These disasters have led to the development of extensive operation experience and broad emergency response capabilities within the jurisdiction.

The United States Volunteers-Joint Services Command® (USV-JSC®) is a volunteer group of veterans from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard who serve the MRCLA under the command of MG John G. Mohler, M.D. who in turn is a member of the Medical Reserve Corps (MRCLA).  He also serves as the Chief Medical Officer of the USV-JSC.  The Medical Officer has trained in the MRCLA programs and is ready to deliver whatever service the USV-JSC can provide a disciplined response whenever called upon by the MRCLA, or the national MRC. The USV-JSC proudly stands ready to provide volunteer manpower when and if called upon in case of emergency.  It lists among its many responsibilities ensuring veterans services at the graveside without charge as its most important routine responsibility, but stands ready if called upon to provide community wide training and emergency services in conjunction with the MRC.