Ben Tran
Brig Gen, USAFVR
101t BCT Commander

Richard J Waling
Chief of Staff

Theresa Pham

Cao T Le


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101st BCT Celebrates its 10th Anniversary in Seattle, WA.


US Volunteers of the 101st BCT Operations Team conducted five (5) Final Military Honors Ceremonies at Tahoma National Cemetery, WA, on 03.05.19.
US Volunteers of the 101st BCT Operations Team providing Final Military Honors at Tahoma National Cemetery as the snow fell.
Not snow or rain will keep the Honor Guard from Honoring our Fallen Vets...
Tahoma National Cemetery, 02.05.2019

101st BCT Operations Team's Firing Team provides Military Funeral Honors IAW the AP3 Program on it's monthly scheduled day at Tahoma National Cemetery, WA.  Also pictured are members of the 10th Regional Command led by MG Natterstad.

101st BCT helping the homeless of Seattle
The tall one is MG Natterstad and the other mustached one is Brig Gen Ben Tran.

  A Viet Nam War Warrior BROTHER is bid farewell by the 101st BCT Operations Team, Seattle, WA.

CPT Theresa Pham - newest US Volunteer on the 101st BCT Ops Team. Congratulations!

In commemoration of 50 years after Viet Nam War
In commemoration of 50 years after Viet Nam War, memorial pins were distributed to every Viet Nam War
Warrior/Viet Nam Era soldiers too.
The 101st BCT and other 10th Regional Command US Volunteers participated.
The 101st BCT Firing Team
The following US Volunteers of the 101st BCT, 10th Regional Command performed Firing Team duties
at the Kirkland, WA, cemetery.
Left to right: SSG Kiet Hua, CPT Samuel Nguyen, SSG Duc Vo, LTC Trinh Tran, SGT Thy Phan, Maj Korte, Brig Gen Ben Tran
The 101st BCT, 10th Regional Command, Operations Team led by Brig Gen Ben Tran provided
Veterans' Day support with its Firing Team at the Evergreen Washelli Cemetery Park
Veterans Day Parade honors military members in Auburn  
101st BCT, 10th Regional Command participated in the Auburn, WA, annual parade honoring all Veterans.  It is the nation's largest parade west of the Mississippi ...appropriately, IN THE RAIN.
(See the 101st BCT at 1 hour 7 minute mark.)

Click this link to view the video on KOMO News, Facebook:
  The 101st BCT marched proudly in the rain and cold to represent all US Volunteers in the Auburn, WA parade.
  The 101st BCT Firing Team Video  

The 101st BCT Ops Team marches in the Fourth of July Parade
101st BCT, 10th Regional Command on duty at the Veterans Day Parade in Auburn, WA.





Everett, WA

Final Military Honors Ceremony performed by the 101st BCT Operations Team for Corporal Marc Griffin, USA, on November 23, 2013 at the Canyon Creek Church, Everett, WA. The Operations Team Flag Presenter is COL (P) Raymond Coffey. 
The OIC: LTC Ben Tran.

The Commanding General, COL (P) Coffey, 10th Regional Command
presented the U.S. flag to the next of kin.

48th Annual Veterans Day Parade & Observance
Auburn, WA
The Commanding General, COL (P) Coffey, 10th Regional Command and CW3 Art Farash, USA, Ret., Advisor along with the Officers and NCOs of the 101st BCT in the Veterans Day Parade, November 2013 in Auburn, WA.

Funeral Military Honors
Tahoma National Cemetery

The 101t BCT's Ops Team performed Final Military Honors during the funeral of a former ARVN soldier in Seattle.



101t Brigade Coordination Team
These are the promises the 101t Ops Team makes to the community and our veterans. They form the foundation of our reputation as US Volunteers-Joint Services Commnand's force in readiness.  This is your journey into our history.

21 OCT 11

AP3 Training  - 21 SEP 11