BG Tim Miller, USAVR
103rd BCT
Commanding General

Raymond E. Knutzen
Chief of Staff REKNUTZEN@yahoo.com

The 103rd BCT has established to serve the northern State of Washington. The Commanding Office is in Edmonds, WA
Contact Information:

LT Diane Harris, USAVR
S1 Personnel

103d BCT's Roster



MG Natterstad, Deputy Commander, USV-JSC, promoted COL Miller, Commanding Officer,
103d BCT to Brigadier
  Left to Right: MG Natterstad,
BG and  Mrs. Miller,
and Jayden Grant, cadet from the
Civil Air Patrol.

  Mr Michael Reagan, nationally famous "Fallen Hero's" artist,
was made an Honorary Colonel, US Volunteers-Joint
Services Command at the 10th Regional Command Commanders' & Staff Meeting 26 Jan 19, Seattle, WA.

Commanders and Staff attendees at the 10th Regional Command Commanders' & Staff Meeting 26 Jan 19, Seattle, WA. From L to R: COL Ridge, J1, MG Coffey, Legislative Liaison Command, BG Schirley, SOECOM, Commanding General, Col Gunn, Commanding Officer, 102d, BCT; Brig Gen Ben Tran, Commanding General, 101st BCT; BG Tim Miller, Commanding General, 103d BCT; COL Sue Korte, G3; MG Natterstad, Deputy Commander, USV-JSC; CSM Edetsberger, CSM, 10th Regional Command..

  MG Coffey, COL(P) Miller, King County Councilman Rob Dembowski, Mayor of Shoreline, Will Smith and US Volunteers from the 103d BCT at the City of Shoreline Veterans' Day Program where Mr Michael Reagan, nationally known artist and also a US Armed Forces Veteran was the key note speaker.

  BG Timothy James Miller
  BG Tim James Miller graduated from Washington State University in 1968 and was commissioned a second Lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers. He served in Germany (24th Engineer group) and Vietnam (577th Engineer Battalion, 18th Engineer Brigade). In country, he commanded HHQ Company and was the S-1 (Security and Intelligence) Battalion staff officer. Although serving in two positions, perimeter security was his primary responsibility. Captain Miller, recruited, organized and equipped a 130 Chinese (Nung) Security Force. As the security force commander, he was awarded the Army Commendation Medal and the Bronze Star by Battalion Commanders, Col Koren and Col. Kitts.

Capt. Miller left active duty in 1972, but stayed active in the Army Reserve as a company commander (659th Engineer Company, Spokane, WA) while finishing his MBA at Eastern Washington University. After finishing his degree, Cpt. Miller left the military. In 1979 he started his own business forms and systems distributorship, which he recently sold in September 2017. In 2005 he joined the Washington State Guard and as commander of the color and honor guard was in charge of the unit performing military honors at Tahoma National Cemetery. For his achievements in Military Emergency Management (Senior Level), Major Miller was awarded the Legion of Merit by the Washington Adjutant General, LTG Timothy Loewenberg.

BG Miller recently joined the United States Volunteers-Joint Services Command and is presently the Commander of the 103rd BCT. He is actively recruiting two complete teams for military honors at local and Federal cemeteries.

BG Miller has been married for 49 years to his wife, Cynthia and they have two grown sons, Sean and Michael, and six grandchildren.

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