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Welcome to the 10th Regional Command!
Timothy Miller
10t RC Commander
  Peter Truong
Brig Gen, USAFVR
101t BCT Commander

  Timothy Gunn
Brig Gen, USAFVR
102d BCT Commander
  Jibril A. Rashid
103d BCT Commander


10th RC Chief of Staff

COL Theresa Pham,
10th RC G1


MAJ Kim-Khanh Van,
10th RC JAG


  The 10th Regional Command serves the western
states of Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.
Headquarters: Seattle, WA.

10th RC Training Schedule: 2022 Training Calendar
2020 Training Calendar    
Training: Mar 2020 Training: Feb 2020

04  OCT 2022    Tahoma National Cemetery
101st BCT: LTC Phuoc Nguyen, 1SG Hua, SFC Phong Tran, SSG Leang
103rd BCT: Sgt Chris Cruz
10th RC: COL Theresa and CMSgt Tablit
 SEP 2022     Domestic Preparedness Journal
Military Combat Skills for Civilian Disaster Response
By Lisa Nenno & Timothy Miller
Pages 32-35.



Page 32 Video

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Page 34 Video
06 SEP 2022     Tahoma National Cemetery
10th RC, 101st BCT, and 103rd BCT
06 SEP 2022 Services at Tahoma National Cemetery, Washington
4 JULY 2022  Legislative Affairs Command Independence Day Parade
Edmonds, WA
Edmonds, WA Independence Day Parade, July 4, 2022. LAC members: MG Raymond W. Coffey, CG; CPT Michael Middleton, Aide -de-Camp, SFC Ellie Middleton, Admin/Comp. PFC Mike Middleton (Son of CPT Middleton) Home on Leave.
4 JULY 2022     10th RC and 101st BCT 4th of July Parade Kirkland, WA
CMSgt Edwin Tablet, MG John Natterstad, Colonel Peter Truong, Sgt. Abdol Sales, Sgt. Hoi Le, Sgt. Phann Leang. Major Sam Nguyen, Mr. Kiet Nguyen Owner of Kiet Auto Bodyshop and his Son. Mrs. Van Nguyen unit supporters and her Son.
4 JULY 2022   103rd BCT 4th of July Parade and Car Show in Bothell, WA
LtCol Jibri Rashid from the 103rd BCT was the MC for the car show awards presentation. Standing to his right is his son, SGT Rashid, who was assisting with handing out the trophies for the winners.
In the foreground is Mr. Morrison from the VFW.

LtCol Rashid from the 103rd BCT standing in front of his car, which was the winner in its category at the Bothell 4th of July car show. LtCol Rashid is active in the Mission 22 program. Mission 22 is a veterans suicide prevention program that also supports veterans and their families with treatment programs for post traumatic stress, brain injuries, and other challenges.

18 JUNE 2022 Thunderbird & Whale Emergency Exercise 2022
Thunderbird and Whale is part of a National Level Exercise using a 9.0 earthquake off the coast of Washington and Oregon. The United States Volunteers - Joint Services Command was invited by the National Tribal Emergency Management Council to conduct Ground Support training and establish Joint Operations Centers California, Washington State, Florida, and Virginia with HAM communications support. This will be the first National Level Exercise planned and implemented by the Tribes in US history. The Thunder Run portion of TW22 will be the largest General Aviation mission of this type ever performed in the US.
18 JUNE 2022 TW22 ESF#2 Support for USV-JSC

10th RC JOC (Joint Operation Center) in Snohomish, WA., MG John Natterstad Commanding
Chaplain Olen Crowe, 10th RC Chaplain, and 102nd BCT with Brig Gen Tim Gunn Commanding at Grove, WA, Airfield
102nd BCT at Grove, WA, Airfield

101st and 103rd BCT at Arlington, WA, Airfield with BG Miller Commanding

30 MAY 2022     103rd BCT Memorial Day Event, Edmonds, WA

US Volunteers of BG Miller's Command, the 103rd BCT,
participated in the Memorial Day Event, Edmonds, WA.
From right to left: SMSgt Torguson, USAFVR; SFC Johnson, USAVR; Sgt Cruz, USMCVR; SFC Tizo, USAVR.
Looking good and standing tall representing the US Volunteers-Joint Services Command! They made us proud.

21 MAY 2022       101st BCT Change of Command

Col Peter Truong assumes Command of the 101st Brigade Coordination Team, 10th Regional Command.
        19 MAY 2022     Tahoma National Cemetery

LEFT TO RIGHT: Oregon Bagpiper, Brig Gen Tim Gunn, SFC Ellie Middleton, MG Natterstad, 1SG Kiet Hua, CPT Middleton, MG Coffey, MajGen Korte, COL Pham, COL Ridge, Oregon Bagpiper and Drummer.

James Flexer was the oldest brother of General Korte. He was a Marine, 2nd Mar Division, and did 3 tours in Vietnam where he received the Purple Heart.

Supporting General Korte was the 101st BCT. 102nd BCT, 10th RC, and the LAC
 06 MAY 2022         103rd BCT



103rd BCT and VFW Post 3348 planting 200 fruit trees for NW Tribal Emergency Management and Farmer Frog for future food distribution program. A sustainable fresh food initiative by the NTEMC.
23 APR 2022         10th Regional Command Commanders and Staff Meeting
    10th RC HQ Staff, 101st, 102nd and 103rd BCTs, and Legislative Affairs Command


10th RC Formation, consisting of 10th RC HQ Staff, 101st, 102nd and 103rd BCTs
in Formation for Promotion & Awards Ceremony
for COL Pham and Chaplain (Lt Col) Vu

10th RC Awards/Promotion Ceremony
R to L: COL Pham, Chaplain (Lt Col) Vu, CPO Jones, MajGen Korte,
MG Coffey and CPT Middleton
01 FEB 2022         10th Regional Command Tahoma National Cemetery


The 10th Regional Command Ops Team provided Military Funeral Honors Ceremonies at the Tahoma National Cemetery, Washington, on 01 FEB 2022.
04 JAN 2022         10th Regional Command Tahoma National Cemetery


The Operations Team, 10th Regional Command, performed Military Funeral Honors Ceremonies at the Tahoma National Cemetery, Washington, on 04 JAN 2022. US Volunteers were from the 10th RC HQ Staff, 101st BCT, and 103rd BCT.
07 DEC 2021          10th Regional Command Tahoma National Cemetery

The Operations Team, 10th Regional Command, performed Military Funeral Honors Ceremonies at the Tahoma National Cemetery, Washington, on 07 DEC 2021. US Volunteers were from the 10th RC HQ Staff, 101st BCT, and 103rd BCT.
King County Councilman, Mr. R. Dembrowski, presents $2500 to MG Ben Tran


King County Councilman, Mr. R. Dembrowski, presents $2500 to MG Ben Tran, Commanding General, 10th Regional Command for the USV-JSCs past performance of duty in rendering Military Final Honors to US Armed Forces Veterans throughout King County. The 10th Regional Command was well represented including MG Natterstad, Deputy Commander and MG Coffey, Commanding General, Legislative Affairs Command. (MG Coffey through his 'good office' obtained the $2500 from the Council.) Well done and all US Volunteers looked good in their USV-JSC uniforms.
  MG Coffey, Commanding General, Legislative Affairs Command poses with members of the military community celebrating Patriots' Day, at Stadium High School, Tacoma, WA.
MG Daugherty, USARNG, Adjutant General, of the state of Washington.
10th Regional Command celebrating Lunar New Year 2020
USV-JSC 10th Regional Command in action, July 2019
MG John Natterstad is discussing the POD system in the EOC.
Also in the picture are MAJ John Pennington with BG Ben Tran.
There is a POD for each of the Command and General Staff positions as well as each of the ESFs.
POD #8 is ESF #9 and #14.
Also shown is the computer system in the EOC. WebEOC is used to track missions and information with the emergency
This picture shows the screens
on the wall. These will have
news feeds related to the
missions and used for
briefings in the EOC.  
The third picture has SSG James Kellett from the 103rd BCT, MG John Natterstad, MAJ John Pennington, and COL Susan Korte standing in front of the EOC Supervisors station. Behind them is the Alert and Warning Center.    
  BG Tim Miller issuing the oath of enlistment into the USV-JSC to John Pennington. John Pennington has served in the Washington State Legislature, was the Director of Emergency Management for Snohomish County WA, and currently is a FEMA instructor.    COL Susan Korte, BG Tim Miller, John Pennington, MG John Natterstad, and BG Ben Tran in front of the Washington State Emergency
Management Building at Camp Murray, WA.
COL Ridge and Col Korte presenting Certificate of Appreciation to Adrienne Woodard Bellevue Fred Meyer Store Manager.

10th Regional Command preps for an FTX
10th Regional Command Commanders' & Staff Meeting 26 Jan 19

Commanders and Staff attendees at the 10th Regional Command Commanders' & Staff Meeting 26 Jan 19, Seattle, WA. From L to R: COL Ridge, J1, MG Coffey, Legislative Liaison Command, BG Schirley, SOECOM, Commanding General, Col Gunn, Commanding Officer, 102d, BCT; Brig Gen Ben Tran, Commanding General, 101st BCT; BG Tim Miller, Commanding General, 103d BCT; COL Sue Korte, G3; MG Natterstad, Deputy Commander, USV-JSC; CSM Edetsberger, CSM, 10th Regional Command.

MG Natterstad, Deputy Commanding General, USV-JSC and Brig Gen Tran, Commanding General, 101st BCT promote Lt Col Tim Gunn,Commanding Officer, 102d BCT, to Colonel, USAFVR, and in attendance are fellow US Volunteers.
Mr Michael Reagan, nationally famous "Fallen Hero's" artist flanked by Colonels Ridge and Korte, was made an Honorary Colonel, US Volunteers-Joint Services Command at the 10th Regional Command Commanders' & Staff Meeting 26 Jan 19, Seattle, WA.

BG Fagan and Mrs Natterstad placing BG shoulder rank on John Natterstad

Change of Command ( L to R)
BG Fagan -outgoing Cmdr,
BG Schirle - officiating for LTG Baumann,
BG Natterstad -incoming Cmdr 10th RC,
"acting" CSM -SGM Edetsburger

(L to R) BG Natterstad, BG Schirle, and BG Fagan

BG Natterstad, wife Margaret, and their family

(L to R) Col Miller - Cmdr 103rd BCT, LtCol Korte - C of S,10th RC, BG Natterstad - Cmdr 10th RC,
Brig Gen Ben Tran - Cmdr 101st BCT

BG Schirle presents BG Natterstad
with his Certificate of Appointment to Cmdr of the 10th RC.

BG Schirle presents BG Boyde Fagan
with his Reassignment

BG Natterstad and his sons

BG Natterstad and his grandson

BG Natterstad cutting
his Congratulations cake

BG Natterstad getting hugs from his granddaughter
In commemoration of 50 years after Viet Nam War
In commemoration of 50 years after Viet Nam War, memorial pins were
distributed to every Viet Nam War Warrior/Viet Nam Era soldiers too.
The 101st BCT and other 10th Regional Command US Volunteers participated.

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