WELCOME to the 9th Regional Command!  



MISSION: To provide Final Military Honors to all eligible Armed Forces Veterans in accordance with the Department of Defense Regulations.

Currently, Congress mandates, if available, two soldiers, one to present the flag and the other to play taps. The USV-JSC fields a 14 US Volunteer Operations Team of a bugler, a firing team, a flag folding team and an Honor Guard displaying the US Flag and the Flag of the deceased Veteran's former service.

The 9th Regional Command’s area of responsibility includes: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and the Pacific Islands.


09 DEC 2021 9TH RC: 92ND BCT Honors COL On Van Duong  

COL On Van Duong

COL Duong, USAVR, 9th RC, Arizona passed away at 700 AM, 02 December 2021. Our condolences to his family and friends.

From LTG Baumann:

He was the first Commanding Officer of the 92d BCT.  CSM Aguilar and I and others went to Arizona multiple times to train the unit when he was the CO.  He was in the Viet Nam War and along with other original members, sharing many ‘war stories’ both from the battlefields and their experiences when they attended training at Ft Benning, GA, and other US Armed Forces bases.  He held an Annual Dinner event on several occasions. 


12-19-2020   BOOTS ON GRAVES - 98TH BCT

BG Mung and COL Lam and members of the 98th BCT conduct Military Final Honors to a fellow Warrior of the Viet Nam War.
MFH Ceremony
MFH Ceremony for CSM Granados' father, a World War 2 veteran
2019   US Volunteers

First US Volunteer from Hawaii

SGM Lloyd Gallimore, USA, Ret, is the first US Volunteer joining from Hawaii. Aloha!

  DUTY DAY (01.13.20) at the Miramar National Cemetery, Miramar, CA  

  Military Final Honors Ceremony for one of the last Buffalo Soldiers, 12.03.19, RIVERSIDE NATIONAL CEMETERY  

  Ops Team 91st BCT Commanded by CSM Aguilar, National Command Sergeant Major, to perform Military Final Honors Ceremony for one of the last Buffalo Soldiers, 12.03.19, Riverside National Cemetery.  
US Volunteers visit CSM Jesse A. Ramil's grave on the anniversary of his death.
  92d (Phoenix, AZ) BCT Parade on Veterans Day  
  CC19 Orlando, Florida - 24 AUG 19  
  Military Funeral Honors Duty Day, 12 Aug 19, MIRAMAR NATIONAL CEMETERY  
  Military Funeral Honors Duty Day, 12 Aug 19. Operations Team 91st BCT, 9th Regional Command led by CSM Aguilar, Command Sergeant Major, USV-JSC at Miramar National Cemetery, CA.   
  Military Funeral Honors Duty Day, 13 May 19, MIRAMAR NATIONAL CEMETERY  
  Monday 05/13/2019 - Proud professionals of the 91st Operations Team, 9th Regional Command performing Military Funeral Honors at
US Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, CA
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  AP3 Final Military Honors Ceremony for member of Chaplain (COL) Hornsby's family  
Team composed of VFW Team 45 and 91st BCT, 9th Regional Command, USV-JSC
at Riverside National Cemetery, CA led by BG Mung Tran and CSM Aguilar.
(RNC 3.30.19)
  Memorial Service for a World War II Soldier  
Memorial Service for a World War II Soldier conducted by BG Mung Tran, COL Hoa Lam, LTC Tang In, MAJ Phuwandee, CSM Aguilar and the Operations Team 91st BCT, 9th Regional Command on Sunday, April 28, 2019 at a family gathering honoring their US Army Service Man.  
  Two new U.S. volunteers joining the 92nd BCT  
   Congratulations to Miss Muoi T. Vo (L) and Mr Minh V. Huynh (R) on their first day with the 92nd BCT,
10th Regional Command, 04.13.19
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Congratulations to LTC Tang In, 91t BCT Commanding Officer on your promotion!
  91st BCT supports the conduct of Final Military Honors (IAW DOD Instruction 1300.15)
at Miramar National Cemetery, San Diego, CA.
91st BCT Operations Team, 9th Regional Command, performed its Scheduled DUTY DAYat Miramar National Cemetery, San Diego, CA on 11 February 2019.
91st BCT Ops Team in action with CSM Aguilar
  Chaplain (Col) Crowe participated in a Military Funeral Honors Ceremony for Unclaimed Cremains at the Southern Nevada Veterans Cemetery, Clark, County, Las Vegas, NV, recently.  
MAJ Tang In
     promoted to LTC.

Lt Col John Trung Tran
     promoted to Col.

1LT Viet B Nguyen
    promoted to CPT.

SGT Man A Nguyen
     promoted to WO1.

CPT Thong T Phuwandee  
     promoted to MAJ.

CPT Sang V Sysawang 
     promoted to MAJ.

CPT Daryl Reach 
     promoted to MAJ.

92nd BCT
CPT Viet B Nguyen Commander, 92nd BCT (Phoenix, AZ)
WO1 Man A Nguyen Assistant to Commander on Fund Raising, 92nd BCT
CPT Khen Nguyen Assistant to Commander on Vietnamese-American Community Affairs, 92nd BCT
MAJ Tram Pham S1, 92nd BCT
MAJ Hoa V Nguyen S3, 92nd BCT
CPT Sen Thai S3 Assistant, 92nd BCT
CPT Tuyet Mai Nguyen S4, 92nd BCT
Major Kandi Wojtysiak PAO / Recruiting Officer, 92d BCT
1LT Kim Larosa Comptroller, 92d BCT
CPT Martin Dung Tran Ops Team Commander, 92d BCT
CPT Tham Vo Chief Information Officer, 92nd BCT
SGT Son Thanh Pham RTO, 92d BCT Ops Team

9th Regional Command HQ
COL Cecilia Tran CofS/G1/Comptroller
First Sergeant Rivero (USMCVR) Command Sergeant Major (acting)
Chaplain (Col) Crowe (USAFVR) Command Chaplain
COL Michael Truong G3
COL On Duong (USAVR) Advisor for Public Affairs
Col John Trung Tran (USMCVR) Advisor for Operations & Training

US Volunteers of the 92d BCT, 9th Regional Command, rendered an historic Military Funeral Honors Salute to deceased Senator/US Navy Veteran John S. McCain at the Arizona State Capitol, Phoenix, AZ, today, 29 August 2018. This live broadcast was from NBC Channel 12, Phoenix, AZ.

US Volunteers meeting with the Commanding General
  Lunch meeting with LTG Baumann on 08/11/18 to discuss the 9th Regional Command

Right to left: LTG Baumann, MG Mark, COL Mung (newly appointed Commanding Officer, 9th Regional Command), and COL Hoa.

Left: CAPT Whitaker (USNVR) relinquished responsibility as the commanding officer for the 9th Regional Command to COL Mung Tran (USAVR) during a Change of Command Ceremony held Jun. 23, 2018 at the NHQ C & S Meeting, Long Beach, California.
Right: CAPT Whitaker took a new appointment as the Commanding Officer, National Reserve Comand.

GySgt Rivero (USMCVR) was promoted to 1st Sergeant (E8), and transferred to 9th Regional Command as Command Sergeant Major (acting) for COL Mung Tran. Shown in photo, 1st Sergeant Rivero was pinned by Mrs Rivero and SgtMaj Otto, Commandant of CSM Jesse A. Ramil NCO Academy.

The US Volunteers of 9th Regional Command participated in the training outside the C & S Meeting Hall.
Notes: The three members in civilian, were newly recruited by MAJ Tang In, 91st BCT Commander.

Military Funeral Honors Ceremony for a U.S. veteran in Culver City, 24 FEB 17